About Stallvärme

Stallvärme offers the markets most efficent heating solutions. Our products are suitable for different kind of heating solutions. A complete stable/ Indoor or just a tackroom. We can also offer the infrasolarium for your horses. Our products are very smart and energyefficent.

We value our partners and clients relations. Our aim is an efficent and secure contact between all parts where no one is too big or too small. We offer a safe and compented partner in heating solutions.

Behind Stallvärme is Jessica Nelin och Ilona Eismann.

Jessica Nelin work with sales in Green Tech and has a long experience of IR-technic, both in medicin and Heating solutions. She is an ex military rider and has since the mid 80:ies raised eventing - and  dressage horses in a small scale.

Ilona C Eismann
 is a proffesional dressage rider. Today based in Denmark. She has her background at Lövsta Stuteri in Stockholm, Sweden. - I spent four years grooming for Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén during my eleven years at Lövsta. Together we did 1 Olympic Game, 2 World Cup finals and 2 European Games as well as the WEG in Kentucky 2010.

I´ve worked as a top groom for many years trying most devices and metods on the market, to help the horses perform at their absolute top. I many times just dreamed of the perfect solution. The Stallvärme Solarium has an amazing effect on the horses. Leave them in their to heat up their bodies or dry up after a shower. A horse that has a tense back will feel soft after 30 minutes. There are many Infrared Therapy Systems out on the market but our Stallvärme Solarium really gives a direct result visible to your eyes and hands. 

I also care a lot about the horses well beeing. In traditional Solariums the horses many times get stressed because of too much heat or the sound of fans etc. Horses love Stallvärme Solarium, it´s quiet and gives a soft heat that horses truly appreciate.   – Ilona Eismann


Ilona Eismann - Stallvärme

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