Catherine Laudrup Dufour

"I notice a huge difference in my horses, especially during the winter. The warm up gets way easier since they feel soft in their bodies from the first step"

Catherine Dufour started using Stallvärme Premium Infra Solarium back in 2020 as a client.

2 x Olympian Dufour is currently ranked as no:2 in the world. She is known for her soft training methods of her horses. And ice cold nerves in the biggest areas in the world of dressage.

Stallvärme and Catherine Dufour decided to work closer together from 2021. Stallvärme really believe she has the same values as Stallvärme stands for. Bringing new technologies into her stable to provide the perfect living conditions for her team and her horses.

Stallvärme is really excited to work with a top sports and equestrian profile like Dufour and hope for a fun journey together. 

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