Infra Solarium

 We aim to deliver the next generation of horse solariums directly to your barn!

Stallvarmes Infra Solarium works in the far infrared spectrum. Since Stallvarmes Infra Solarium doesn´t heat the air but the materials it radiates to, it saves a lot of energy. 

The infrared heating panels will heat up the horse´s muscle tissue before heating up the air. Stallvarmes Infra Solarium heat up the horses back musculature which help to warm up before a training session and increasing the blod circulation afterwards to get rid of toxins. In pre-clinical studies, far-infrared radiation significantly reduces inflammation and increase cellular vitality*. 

Stallvarmes Infra Solariums provides an optimal silent working environment for you and your horse. With soft heat that will last for a long time in your and your horses body. Reaching a working temperature on 100-110C on only 3.6 kW.  It´s safe to say it´s the worlds most energy efficient solarium compared to it´s effect.

Both the Stallvarme Premium Infra Solarium and Stallvarmes Warm & Dry Infra Solarium is designed with the horses best in mind. It´s safe to use for both horses and humans.

Many of our clients witness that their horses really appreciate their everyday spa time.

We look forward hearing from you!

 *Pastore D et al Curr Pharm Des. 2020;26(34):4323-9.

Stallvärme - Warm und Trocken Normaler Preis 0 kr
Stallvärme Infra Premium Solarium Normaler Preis 56 094 kr
Stallvärme Solarium - Deluxe Normaler Preis 72 900 kr