Infrared heating package CT450

Infrared heating package CT450

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Efficient heat
Compact 450W infrared heating panel offers energy efficient and smart heating where a little extra is needed. Place InfraCenters Compact in the bathroom, hallway or why not in the kitchen? This gives you a wonderful silent and allergy-friendly heat. It is completely silent and provides a comfortable heat without scattering around dust.

Wireless thermostat included
Compact 450 is the infrared heating panel that also fits perfectly as a complementary heat source in the bedroom or living room. Complete wireless and digital thermostat package included.

Approved for bathroom
The infrared heating panel is made of 1 mm galvanized steel, frameless, and comes in white glossy powder coated color. It comes with bracket, plug, and 2.5 m cable with plug. Protection class IP44 which makes approved for bathroom panel can withstand splashes from water.

Prevent moisture problems
Infrared heat is particularly grateful in wet rooms precisely for its ability to heat the surfaces, and keep them free from moisture. Since the infrared waves heat surfaces and materials instead of the air in the room, the moisture is drawn from the surfaces and gives a preventive effect to the space. Together with good ventilation, you avoid moisture problems such as mold and bad smells, and at the same time get a wonderful warmth in the house.

Warm floors without intervention
Our infrared heating panels give you the opportunity to add the feeling of underfloor heating, completely without interfering with the floor. The infrared heating panel heats surfaces and materials in the room and which in turn stores the heat. This allows you to get dry and warm floors in your home faster.