Infravärmepanel IC600

Infravärmepanel IC600

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Infrared heating panel of 600W
IC600 is a panel for the small room that is very easily placed in the ceiling or on the wall. The infrared heat provides increased comfort and protection against damage caused by moisture and cold.
This compact heating panel gives you smart heat and comfortable heat. It is also well suited for installation in bathrooms, garages, basements, glazed balconies, offices, summer cottages, etc.

The panel is frameless and made of 1 mm galvanized steel. Comes with bracket, plug, and 1.5 m cable with plug. Protection class IP54, which means that the panel can withstand moisture.

Expels moisture
InfraCenter's infrared heating panels are the optimal heat source because the heat is stored in the surfaces and keeps them dry and warm. There are many parts of the accommodation that are particularly exposed to cold and moisture, thus also prone to risk of pest visits and moisture problems such as mold and fungus. With infrared heating panels installed in your home, you prevent the risk of these damages and protect the space in an efficient and energy-efficient way.

Control with thermostat
InfraCenter's low-temperature infrared heating panels are safety-rated (approx. 80 degrees C) and are advantageously connected to a wireless thermostat called RT510 for the best savings, and which makes it easy to regulate the temperature as needed.

Even warmth and comfort
InfraCenter's infrared heating panels are designed to be mounted on the ceiling or wall and therefore do not become bulky or even particularly noticeable in your house. With their location, they radiate heat to the surfaces that are in the space. These surfaces and materials store the heat from the panels and then become their own heat sources, which in turn provide heat. The infrared heat's unique storage capacity means that you get a very even heat distribution and optimal comfort in the room.