Terrace heater ICH2000
Terrace heater ICH2000
Terrace heater ICH2000
Terrace heater ICH2000

Terrace heater ICH2000

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Terrace heater ICH2000 - waterproof with IP67
Our Infrared terrace heater / patio heater from Infracenter is completely waterproof with IP67, which means that bad weather with rain and debris is not a problem at all. ICH2000 has a very discreet design and fits into all environments. ICH2000 is specially developed to heat various areas outdoors such as verandas, outdoor cafes and open balconies. They are excellent in larger properties with abundant air circulation such as warehouses, shopping centers, workshops, etc. Our terrace heaters also heat excellently when it is windy, as the short wavelength IR-A is not significantly affected by the wind.

Hot in 4 seconds
The heat on an ICH2000 comes quickly. Already after 4 seconds, wonderful heat begins to come, and the infrared lamps of the latest technology have a high efficiency where more than 95% of the consumed power is converted into infrared heat.

Environmentally friendly
Our patio heaters are very safe, economical and comfortably heat your outdoor space. This model is one of the new generations of patio heaters that only need to be connected to an electrical outlet, after which comfortable heat can be enjoyed. It is much more energy efficient than gas heaters and CO2 emissions are only 1/3 in comparison. An infrared patio heater from Infracenter is thus more environmentally friendly and also cheaper to use.

The Infracenter brand
Stallvarme has a close collaboration with the Infracenter brand to offer the best performance when it comes to infrared heating technology. We stock some of the world's finest infrared heaters with production in Germany, Italy and Austria, among others. Regardless of your needs, we have a tailor-made range according to your specific requirements.

Health benefits
Infrared heating does not heat the air and therefore does not cause any circulation in the air. This is a health benefit because air circulation makes dust and other harmful substances airborne, making them much easier to breathe. In addition, we know that it is quick to get the heat up with infrared heat, at the same time as infrared heat gives a relaxing effect on our muscles. There are no disadvantages to infrared radiation.