Stallvärme Solarium - Premium
Stallvärme Solarium - Premium
Stallvärme Solarium - Premium
Stallvärme Solarium - Premium
Stallvärme Solarium - Premium

Stallvärme Solarium - Premium

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What is FIR technology?

Far Infrared Radiation, FIR, cannot be seen by the naked eye like visible light. Without warming the ambient air, FIR can penetrate the skin to a depth of up to 4 cm and is perceived as a gentle radiant heat. FIR have significant positive biological effects and research studies have shown that FIR can improve blood flow, have anti-inflammatory properties, and enhance wound healing. The FIR heat panels used in Stallvärme´s solariums are not to be confused with ordinary infrared heat lamps or other heat panels that uses IR radiation with much shorter wavelengths. These shorter wavelengths have not shown the same positive biological effects as FIR.

Vatansever F, Hamblin MR. Far infrared radiation (FIR): its biological effects and medical applications. Photonics Lasers Med. 2012;4:255-266.

Stallvarmes Infra Premium Solarium is designed with the horses well being in focus. It's quiet, easy to clean and gives a soft heat with Far-Infrared the horses truly enjoy.

Stallvarmes Infra Premium solarium is very energy efficient using only 4,5 kW to reach full working temperature on 110 C.

The space in a stable reserved for a solarium is the place where you actually spend the time with your horse. Hours of tacking up, grooming, clipping, preparing for shows and taking care of your horse after training.

  • Completely silent
  • Low maintenance
  • Dries a clipped horse in 15-20 min
  • IP54 classified 
  • Long life span, estimated 20-30 years
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Optional to choose your own barn name on the frame
  • Can be customized in any RAL- colour
  • Swedish Design
  • European Technology
  • Made in Europe
  • 3 pcs 1500 kW Infrared aluminium panels
  • 4,5 kW in total
  • 1 galvanised steel frame
  • 170 x 180 x 45 cm
  • 50 kg
  • 23A
  • 230V

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