Catarina Norqvist - Umåker

Catarina Norqvist - Umåker

Catarina Norqvist - Umåker

Catarina Norqvist Umeå is a successful trotting coach with many wins and successes.

She was not happy with her previous heating systems (heating fans) in her 3 stables, She turned to Stallvärme in search of a good and long-term solution.

Stallvärme is stylish and discreet and we assisted Catarina Norqvist with the installation of infrared heating panels in her two stables at Umåker, Umeå, and the stable at home, in Ström. The project included more than 600 sqm and 47 infrapanels, intended for stables and agricultural buildings.

 “In the past, I had problems in my body when I was constantly exposed to the cold from the concrete floor, it could be a little bitt warmer around the head but several degrees minus at the feet when we were using heating fans. Now the warmth is incredibly even and nice, around my feet as well. The horses seem happier and as a trainer I am happy to be able to work in a much nicer environment, that has also cut my heating bills to half compared to how it used to be. I highly recommend this heating system to all horse owners! ”



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