Cheval Wrap108
Cheval Wrap108
Cheval Wrap108
Cheval Wrap108
Cheval Wrap108

Cheval Wrap108

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When your horse gets injured you want to do what you can to enhance the recovery.  LLLT can improve and speed up the healing process for common injuries like:

  • Muscle injuries
  • Bone bruises
  • Wounds
  • Joint inflammations
  • Tendon injuries

LLLT reduces inflammation in muscle fibres. Tendon injuries will benefit from increased  MMP activity and collagen synthesis. The red light is antibacterial and will prevent infection in wounds.

Pain relief through LLLT is caused by the increased blood circulation in the injured area. Symptoms that LLTs Treatment will help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Muscle soreness

With 108 High Powered lights within the optical window (no blue light), it´s the most powerful leg wrap for your horse. The light will entirely reach around the leg of the horse.  Thanks to it´s high power it´s suitable for the whole body. It´s possible to attach two wraps to each other to treat a bigger area. 

The unique design consists of two separate parts. The outer cover is machine washable at 40C. Three elastic velcro straps and reinforcements in all directions. High quality battery and charger. Cheval Wrap108 is durable, easy to clean and safe to use - to help you care for your horse for many years to come!

Cheval Wrap108 Size: 42*40 cm

Number of lights: 108 

Delivery time: Three to five (3-5) working days in Europe.

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