Fir Tech Solarium

Fir Tech Solarium

Horses loves it

FIR- Far Infrared is known to improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, boost immune function, and promote overall wellness.

Low energy bills

Stallvärmes solariums use 4,5 kW. They create no waste heat since it doesn´t heat the air but all the surfaces around.


Stallvärme uses FIR Tech - Far infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is longer in wavelength than visible light and shorter than microwaves. It falls in the spectrum of radiant heat and has the ability to penetrate deep into tissues and cells, providing therapeutic benefits to the body. Far infrared therapy is commonly used to improve circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, boost immune function, and promote overall wellness.

The solarium is often the heart of the stable. It’s the place where you spend the most time with your horse. Hours of tacking up, grooming, clipping, preparing for shows, and taking care of your horse after training. The developing team at Stallvärme knows exactly how important it is to create the best working conditions your horse, groom and rider.

Stallvärmes FIR Tech Warm & Dry Solarium is designed with the horses’ well being as the focus. It is completely silent, easy to clean, and gives a soft heat horses benefit from. The FIR Tech panels work using far-infrared radiation, heating your horse from the inside out, just as infra sauna works on humans.

Far-infrared heating panels will heat up the horse’s muscle tissue, not the air. Heating up the horse’s musculature warms up the horse prior to a training session, and increases blood circulation post-ride to help rid the body of toxins. In preclinical studies, far-infrared radiation significantly reduces inflammation and increases cellular vitality.*

Stallvärmes Infra Solariums provide an optimal silent environment for you and your horse. Soft heat from far-infrared radiation lasts a long time in your and your horse’s bodies, reaching a working temperature of 110C on only 4.5 kW. It is the world’s most energy efficient solarium compared to its effect.

Many of our clients notice their horses appreciate their Stallvärme spa time and truly relax.

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*Pastore D et al. Curr Pharm Des. 2020; 26 (34): 4323-9.