Heating Solutions

Heating Solutions

Save electricity

When connected to a digital thermostat you can save up to 50-70% on your energy bill!


Our panels all fully recyclable and have an expected long lifespan. Stallvarme leaves a 5 year guarantee on the Power Panels.

Stay Warm

There is nothing worse then to freeze and be cold all day. Your horses, tack and grooms will thank you for investing in Stallvärme for many years to come!

Infrared Heating

For heating up entire stables, indoor and tackrooms/bathrooms etc we have two products, Power Panels, with either white or printed front. You can also add glass fronts for design reasons. See more under "INFRA ART" The Power panels works in insulated areas, saving up to 50-70% on your energy consumption compared to convectional heating. It's the same energy save as thermal heating. Since you heat the surfaces not the air, then the surfaces heat the room to desired temperature. The power panels are connected to a thermostat which will turn the Power Panels off once room temperature is set. Ideal they work for around 10 min per h depending on insulation. If you have for example an office building with no people in the weekends/nights you can regulate the thermostat to 5 C when nobody is there and weekdays working h to 20 C. Another benefit is that since it's not the air generating the heat, poor insulation or open doors is no catastrophe. Which often is the case in a stable environment.. Renovate your stables with Stallvarme today! For insulated areas we recommend the Power Panels. For uninsulated areas or higher celings then 3 m Stallvärme recommend the Black Heaters.



"I´ve the full range of Stallvärmes products in my renovated barn from the 1800 century. No moist, dry atmosphere and in an even temperature all winter."

Mona Beckman
Värmland, SWE

"Now the warmth is incredibly even and nice, around my feet as well. The horses seem happier and as a trainer I am happy to be able to work in a much nicer environment, that has also cut my heating bills to half compared to how it used to be. I highly recommend this heating system to all horse owners! ”

Katarina Nordqvist
Umeåker, SWE

"In my stables, I want the environment to be good for both horses and people. Previously, I had problems with fuses burning off in our stables when it got really cold. Not any more. I have received very positive feedback from my tenants and can highly recommend this system! "

Arne Lindström
Umeå, SWE

"I´ve installed two Black Heater Large for my stable with 7 boxes. The temperature has been an even 12 C all winter. My horses have not even had stable rugs! And have kept a really short nice fur all winter. I love it!

Marie Hallander Larsson
Vallentuna, SWE

"I´ve one Power Panel Large for my 4 horses barn. I´ve placed it in the stable isle were I tack up my horses but it creates enough heat to keep the barn at 5C all winter and make sure the water doesn't freeze."

Sofia Blomqvist
Stockholm, SWE

Dry Rugs

Safe, silent and economic

infra art

Decorative heating solution