Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry
Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry

Stallvärme Solarium - Warm & Dry

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What is FIR technology?

 Far Infrared Radiation, FIR, cannot be seen by the naked eye like visible light. Without warming the ambient air, FIR can penetrate the skin to a depth of up to 4 cm and is perceived as a gentle radiant heat. FIR have significant positive biological effects and research studies have shown that FIR can improve blood flow, have anti-inflammatory properties, and enhance wound healing. The FIR heat panels used in Stallvärme´s solariums are not to be confused with ordinary infrared heat lamps or other heat panels that uses IR radiation with much shorter wavelengths. These shorter wavelengths have not shown the same positive biological effects as FIR.


Vatansever F, Hamblin MR. Far infrared radiation (FIR): its biological effects and medical applications. Photonics Lasers Med. 2012;4:255-266.

It provides a comfortable, soft heat that you and your horse will truly look forward to using in your everyday routine. The solarium is often the heart of the stable. It’s the place where you spend the most time with your horse. Hours of tacking up, grooming, clipping, preparing for shows, and taking care of your horse after training. The developing team at Stallvärme knows exactly how important it is to create the best working conditions for your horse, groom and rider.

Stallvärmes Infra Warm & Dry Solarium is designed with the horses’ well being as the focus. It is completely silent, easy to clean, and gives a soft heat with far-infrared radiation horses enjoy. The Warm & Dry panels work using far-infrared radiation, heating your horse from the inside out, just as infra sauna works on humans. The panels will reach 110C / 230 F in full work mode.

A clipped horse will dry in 15 to 20 minutes with the panels in full work mode, depending on how far the Warm & Dry is hanging from the horse. If your horse is calm it is possible to lower down the wings for optimal surrounding heat. We recommend the Warm & Dry Solarium to hang around 30 centimeters from the horse’s back when used for drying. The FIR radiation will increase the blood circulation up to 4 cm down in the muscle while drying your horse. Helping the body use it's own biological system to keep healthy muscle function.

In preclinical studies, far-infrared radiation significantly reduces inflammation and increases cellular vitality.* Many of our riders feel a difference in their horses after giving them time to warm up in Stallvärmes solariums.

The wings of the solarium are equipped with accelerators, movable to your preference. Ideal for young horses or for stables with low ceilings.

The heating panels are separate from the built in LED light, allowing the lights to be dimmed and easy to use in the summer months. The light won't get your grooms eyes sore when working with the horse for long hours.

Stallvärme solariums are Eco Friendly with low running costs (4,5 kW). When the temperature drops to below -5C the heating panels need a few minutes to reach full working temperature at 110C/ 230 F due to its low energy consumption. Once warm, the solarium stays warm, even a few minutes after turned off.

No glass or frames to pose safety hazards, the Warm & Dry is safe for horses and humans.

Customizable plaque on the front, and comes in different colours. “Kittel” (anthracite) or “Dufour” (silver) with the possibility to customize in any RAL colour.

Reaching 110C / 230 F on the front, backside 55C / 130 F
75 kg
5 years warranty
220V 3,6 kW

Frame, can be customised in RAL colour of your choice.

Sign, can be customised with either name or logo.

Measurements completely flat in mm, W:2093 H: 187 L: 1884

Measurements with angle in mm, W: 1784 H:187 L:1884 


Stallvärme Warm & Dry Solarium is designed by Swedish architect Kristina Elgström.

Made in England for Stallvärme AB

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*Pastore D et al. Curr Pharm Des. 2020; 26 (34): 4323-9.

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