Pay N´Go

Compatible with Stallvärmes Solariums and Black Heaters. No app or membership needed, just pay with card, Apple Pay or mobile solution and the equipment will switch on!

You as the stable owner decide which services should be included.

Avoid investment costs for the purchase of equipment

Stallvärme owns the equipment and keeps it insured

We customise the Pay N’Go system for your facility

PAY N´Go, payment solutions


With Stallvarmes Pay N´Go system we can offer the latest payment solutions by Swedish Tech company Vourity. Every stable has a different need to charge for services, give access to doors/ gates or machines. It´s possible to charge everything from indoor lightning, Stallvärmes solariums or Dark Heaters, washing machines, lessons or small things like extra shavings etc. All simplified through one system. You decide how to customize the Pay N´Go solution!

Every month you get a complete record, ready for your accountant.

Stallvarme likes to make your life easier. We customize the Pay N´Go system for every client. Either you buy the system or you rent it from Stallvarme and get kick back for every user. Get in touch and we will help you get started!


Every month you will get a report of all transactions ready for your accountant. And the money back for the electricity consumption or use of equipment, depending on which package you design.


- Riding schools 
- Livery yards 
- Competition venues 

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