Bee Clean Schampoo

Bee Clean Schampoo

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Care shampoo based on propolis, a natural ingredient made by bees that supports the restorative capacity of the skin. It protects and purifies irritated skin. Also ideal for the care and softening of the skin in case of insect bites.

Wet the animal’s coat, apply the shampoo to a soft brush and use circular motions to wash the coat. Rinse the coat well.

Based on propolis. Propolis (bee glue) is a natural product produced by bees as a sealing material to seal gaps and openings and to strengthen the structure of the beehive. It is a complex product in which more than 300 different biologically active substances have been found. All these substances work together and have disinfecting properties, keeping out pathogens and therefore ensuring good hygienic conditions in the beehive.

Shampoo with propolis and honey extract.