Infra Art

Infra Art

Stallvärme presents
infra art

All Power Panels can be printed. With your own motive or one of Stallvärmes featured artists.

Heating your house, tackroom or why not your whole insulated stable with infra solutions is beneficial both for your health and electricity consumption. Just as efficient as thermal heating with a third of the investment costs. Saving between 50%- 70% of your energy consumption.

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how does it work
infra heating

Traditional convection heating heats the air. The air is not an ambient carrier of heat, it will rise to the ceiling and crave constant energy. Stallvärmes Power Panel will heat the surfaces, like the sun, which in turn will heat the air. Connected to a thermostat it will turn on only for a few minutes per h. Saving energy and keeping your room at desired temperature.

featured artist
Anne Hansson

Swedish painter Anne Hansson works with different techniques such as oil, charcoal or aquarelle paintings. Anne Hansson has an exquisite eye to capture the individual in each horse or equipage and is hired by many top athletes to portrait their horses world wide. Stallvärme has an exclusive collaboration with Anne Hansson to enable customers to print some of her work.

Featured artist
My equiart

Stallvärme has a exclusive collaboration with the Swedish company My Equiart. Send us a photo of your favourite horse and get it drawn. Then printed on your Power Panel of choice.

Featured Artist
Anna Mörner

Swedish based artist Anna Mörner creates pieces with a bold sense of purpose and character. Her unique approach to color and linework can be seen in her pieces, from figurative illustrations to abstract work. Stallvärme has an exclusive collaboration to print selected pieces of Mörners works.

featured artist
filip Gustavsson

Swedish photographer Filip Gustavsson has produced most of the Stallvärme content. Book him for your own private photo session or get in touch to order some of his previous works.


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