Heating solutions

Traditional heating solutions heat the air. Air is not an efficient carrier of heat, because it rises to the ceiling and heated areas need to be insulated with doors and windows closed to keep the heat in desired areas. Stallvärmes heating solution works by heating surfaces, which stores the heat in the same way the sun heats up the ground. The surfaces will then radiate heat into the air in the room. For optimal energy savings the power panels or black heaters should be installed with a thermostat set at a desired temperature. The heaters are only on when required and will switch off when the room has reached the desired temperature and back on again as surfaces cool, resulting in a Stallvarme heating solution being extremely energy efficient and cost effective. In a stable it's beneficial to keep an even temperature.

Our innovative system will improve the air quality and keep the moisture away. The amounts off blankets on the horses can be reduced. We have innovative heating solutions for your horse, stable, indoor and home!


- Saving 50 - 70% compared to traditional convection heating.
- Warm floors
- Safe
- Silent
All Power Panels can be printed with decorative pictures or art. Check out our collection of ready to order prints. Or send us your own. We will be glad to quote.