Black Heater Large 3200W

Black Heater Large 3200W

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Black Heater Large 3200W

Perfect for the indoor school or you when have non isolated stables. We also recommend the Black Heater as a heating source for your tacking up area.



Weigth: 12 kg

Meassurements: 109,5x18,5x6,7

2 year guarantee

10 A

Developed by Italian engineers

Black Heater from Infracenter is developed by Italian engineers at the Enzo Ferrari department at the Università di Modena in Italy. It is inspired by the elements of Formula 1 cars, and gives a modern impression. It gives a nice and comfortable warmth. 

No smell, no light, no wind, no sound
Black Heater is completely black even when it is hot, which means that all energy is converted into heat. You also avoid the strong red glow that almost all other infrared heaters have. Advanced nanotechnology makes the heater 20% more efficient, and the 3 built-in elements make the durability significantly longer.

4 different power modes
Black Heater with IP65 is delivered with remote control, and has 4 power modes where you can set 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the power. Black Heater has a front that is grooved which gives a maximum heat dissipation, and the back has a reinforced insulation technology to prevent the energy from radiating backwards.

Fits everywhere
Black Heater is completely black and made of aluminum. It comes with brackets that fit both wall and ceiling, which allows the heater to be installed where it does best. With waterproof IP65, you can also place it both indoors and outdoors.

A heat source that should be visible
In most cases, heat sources are something you want to hide. With Black Heater, on the contrary, it is an infrared heater that is made to be seen. Black Heater has an elegant shape and well-crafted design that makes it a guaranteed topic of conversation when guests or customers come to visit.