Our technology is based on infrared waves, invisible to the eye, radiating from our panels. Infrared waves do not heat up the air, they heat up surfaces the same way the sun heats up the sand on a beach and makes it warm and comfortable to walk on even after sunset. Our panels heat up all surfaces and materials, which is why you can have a warm floor and walls with infra panels installed in the ceiling. When the thermostat turns the panel off, the temperature will stay warm because radiation will be emitted from all the surfaces, letting the stored heat into the air. This provides a very comfortable and even warmth using 50-70% less energy than convection heaters like fans or radiators. Infrared waves are safe and infra heating is often used in neonatal incubators to keep babies warm. About 50% of solar radiation is Infrared waves.

In our solarium we use the same type of infra panels. They warm up and dry the horse quickly after washing and will heat up the surrounding areas as well. It can also effectively warm up the horse's muscles before training. The horses really love the soft warmth from our panels, they don’t find it too intense so normally they just rest an yawn while they enjoy the comfortable heat. Again, the air under the solarium is not what is being heated, it is the horse (or human) standing underneath it, so it might take a minute to actually feel the warmth. The infra solarium provides an optimal environment for you and your horse.

The frame, made of high quality Swedish galvanized steel, can be painted in any preferred RAL color to match your stable.


Stallvärme Solarium – Deluxe Regular price 72 900 kr
Stallvärme Infra Premium Solarium Regular price 56 094 kr