Infrared heating package IC1400

Infrared heating package IC1400

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Infrared heating panel 1400W
IC1400 is our most powerful infrared heating panel of 1400W. Install easily and enjoy energy-efficient heat that also keeps the surfaces dry and prevents moisture attack.

InfraCenter's infrared heating package is the perfect heating solution for conservatories. Mount the panels in the ceiling / on the wall and enjoy the space for a longer period of the year.
The infrared heating panels are made of 1 mm galvanized steel in white. They come with bracket, plug, and 1.5 m cable with plug. Resistant to moisture with a protection class of IP54. Our infrared panels work in all types of rooms such as laundry rooms, kitchens, summer cottages, warehouses, bathrooms, offices, glazed balconies, etc.

Digital wireless thermostat
To be able to control the temperature, the RT510 thermostat package is recommended. The thermostat is wireless, digital and programmable, which gives you the opportunity for full control over both heat and humidity.

Even heat dissipation
The panels are mounted on the ceiling or on the wall and radiate heat from there to the surfaces in the space. These surfaces and materials store the heat and then become their own heat sources. This means that you get a very even heat distribution and optimal comfort.

Infrared heating panels in the conservatory give the home increased value
The conservatory is an investment that gives the home an increased value, so it would be an unnecessary pity to only be able to use it in the summer. With InfraCenter's infrared heating panels, you have the opportunity to use the conservatory for a much larger part of the year. Depending on the conditions of the conservatory (such as insulation, geographical location and location), you can choose to dimension for heating completely according to your own wishes. Maybe you want to be able to use the conservatory as a greenhouse during the winter? Or why not cuddle up properly with textiles and candles and celebrate holidays in your extra room.

Heat that protects
There are many parts of the accommodation that are particularly exposed to cold and moisture, thus also prone to risk pests and moisture problems such as mold and fungus. InfraCenter's infrared panels are an excellent heating solution precisely because the heat is stored directly in the surfaces and keeps them warm and dry.