Power Panel Small IP54 for stables
Power Panel Small IP54 for stables
Power Panel Small IP54 for stables

Power Panel Small IP54 for stables

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Power Panel Small 600W
Infrared heating panel of highest quality. Enjoy energy-efficient heat that keeps surfaces dry and thereby prevents pests and mold caused by moisture. This infrared heating panel is a perfect heating solution for the tack-room or drying room or for warming up hallways and bathrooms.
Mount the panels to the ceiling or the wall and enjoy the comfortable warmth.
  • Coulor: white
  • Weight: 9,9 kg
  • Dimensions: 90x60x1,5 cm
  • Herating capacity: 5-7 m2
  • Optimal mounting hight: 2-3 m
  • Material: 1 mm galvanized powder coated steel
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Fuse: 10A
  • Voltage: 220V/50 Hz
  • Power: 600W
  • Surface temperature : 80° C
  • Backside temperature: 40° C
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Accessories included: bracket, plug, and 1.5 m cable with plug
Made in Germany
Our infrared panels also work well in other types of rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, summer cottages, warehouses, offices, glass balconies, etc.
Digital wireless thermostat
To be able to control the temperature, the RT510 thermostat package is recommended. The thermostat is wireless, digital and programmable, which gives you the opportunity for full control over both heat and humidity.
Heat that protects
Many parts of the stable are particularly exposed to cold and moisture, thus also prone to pests and moisture problems such as mold and fungus. Infrared heat is an excellent heat precisely because the heat is stored directly in the surfaces and keeps them warm and dry which will keep pests, mold and fungus from developing.
Low maintenance heating
The infrared heating panels are carefully designed to be able to discretly blend into all types of rooms. The thin design of the panels means that they extend very little from the ceiling / wall and will melt into the surroundings perfectly. The minimalist design makes the panels very easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance is minimized to just a damp cloth every now and then.

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